Docriluc, as part of its essential policy of development and innovation in the refrigeration sector, has been betting, for a long time, for new equipment that is achieving a notorious advantage of efficiency in the refrigeration sector of food and beverages.

Using the latest and most innovative technologies, supported by proven tests, it is possible to increase the multideck displays of length 0.98 and 1.22 m. as the most efficient equipment in the European market.

These equipment comply with the main premise of F-GAS, using an ecological and efficient refrigerant such as the R-290. This puts us in a privileged position for the future energy labeling (soon to be announced by the competent organizations).

By using high efficiency electronic fans, doors with double glass of low thermal transmission and smaller compact components, we achieve a substantial sound reduction making efficient use of current market technology.

All this has been endorsed by the European organism TOPTEN, being able to be consulted in how the energy index EEI of This equipment is situated as the smallest in the current market.

TOPTEN is an online search engine oriented to the consumer where you can find the best models, in various product categories, always under the main criterion of efficiency in energy consumption. Present in 15 European countries and in several South American countries, such as Chile or Argentina, it is considered as the reference search engine in terms of the best products in the international market.